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Before I registered my kennel name I had been studying the types and breeding lines of Dalmatians from different breeding kennels for 4 years. I was trying to understand what types of Dalmatians  I like most.  I completed  training course in one of St. Petersburg kennel clubs and got dog trainer and breeder certificates. Only then I realised that I am ready to be a breeder and to register my kennel name.

It was quite a difficult job to choose the kennel name. I wanted it to be connected with Saint-Petersburg,  the  city I was born and  live in. But most of the names I had in mind had been already reserved by other local kennels. Finally, I decided on the name iz Nienshansa.

Nienshanc( from Swedish Nyenskans) was a Swedish fortress and a town built on the Neva river at the place where now is  modern Krasnogvardeyskaya Square in St.Petersburg.

The kennel iz Nienshansa (the breeder is Sysoeva Vera) was registered in  Russian Kynological Federation (RKF) and in FCI in March 2008. The main breeding dogs are Gordost s Nevskih Ostrovov and some of her offspring.  

The history of the kennel and the achievents of our dogs.

This is my story

I had my first Dalmatian in December 1998 because I wanted to have a bright dog for obedience training and performances. At that time I already had a black puddle dog Djessy.  Djessy  wasnt a pedigree dog I took her in the dog rescue service Poteriashka in autumn 1996 when she was 9 months old. Together with Jessy I took part in some performances under the guidance of Dina Klimova, the follower of famouse dog trainer Lidya Ostretsova. I wanted to have one more dog to make a working pair, as two dogs working together look very nice and spectacular .  I decided on a Dalmatian but at that time I could not afford to buy a Dalmatian puppy. Finally, a liver spotted  Dalmatian puppy Dauria (Dara) appeared in my house. Dara has a fault which is  quite common for Dalmatians deafness. Taking Dauria I knew she was deaf, but it didnt stop me. Whats more I thought it interesting and challenging to train such a dog. Though Daras physique and character are far from ideal she is my favourite dog. That was she who introduced the Dalmatian world to me, helped me make a lot of new friends. Dara has good achievements in training, she knows a lot of circus tricks and has qualified 1st degree in OKD (that is Russian main training course). Soon I realised that I would like to have a Dalmatian for shows and breeding and Gordost s Nevskih Ostrovov (Gordi) came to live in my house. I liked her nature and I  understood that it is the real Dalmatian character.

Gordi is mother of two litters:I.s Nevskih Ostrovov and Ss Nevskih Ostrovov. Two bitches from this two litters live in my kennel: Imperatritsa Severa s Nevskih Ostrovov (Rica)  and Sneznaya Melodya s Nevskih Ostrovov (Melodi).

Quite unexpectedly, by a happy twist of fate Melodi brother Schastliviy Grand s Nevskih Ostrovov (at home Kotya) stayed with me. At first I just couldnt find him  owners. Several times he was returned to me under very stupid excuses and then I understood that I cant part with him. He conquered me by his wonderful nature. He is affectionate, obedient ,easy to train. In addition he has very good physique. I am  thankful to my fortune for Kotya!





Дизайн Сысоевой Веры

2008 год.

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